Participation in Virtual EUROCORR 2020, 7-11 September 2020


Mr. Michail Mariglis of the Surface Science & Coatings Department of ELKEME, participated in the Virtual European Corrosion Congress EUROCORR 2020 which was organized as an online event due to the Covid-19 pandemic. EUROCORR is the EFC’s annual congress and is regarded as the flagship event of the international corrosion calendar. Attracting upwards of a thousand delegates, it is held every year in September in a different European country. EUROCORR is famous for its high technical standard and its popular social programme. The topic of corrosion itself is pertinent to all aspects of materials and particularly of their in-service behavior; thus the knowledge and expertise of how to better protect and prevent from corrosion is invaluable. Corrosion is studied through several analytical techniques, plenty of which are available through ELKEME to its customers.

The conference comprised of numerous parallel sessions that examined corrosion in many different fields such as: Corrosion Mechanisms, Methods and Modelling, Marine Corrosion, Coatings (Metallic Coatings, Inorganic Coatings, Organic Coatings, Pretreatments, Self-healing and Smart Coatings), Polymers and Advanced Materials, Automotive Corrosion, Corrosion Control in Aerospace, Atmospheric Corrosion, etc.

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