Distinctions and awards for ELKEME in International Metallographic Contest 2020


The ELKEME Metallography and Electron Optics Department (M&EO) received multiple distinctions and prizes (including also 1st and 2nd place) through the participation of Dipl. Eng. Marianna Katsivarda in the International Metallographic Contest 2020 of the International Metallographic Society (an affiliate of ASM International). The first place prize was shared with Dipl. Eng. Paul Stavroulakis, PhD candidate from University of Sheffield who is collaborating with ELKEME. The winning entries are the following:

Class 5 – Artistic Microscopy – Black and White

First Place: River lines on the fracture surface of a high entropy alloy

Second Place: Electron micrograph of Cu oxides

Honorable Mention: Electron micrograph of Cu oxides and salts


Class 4 – Artistic Microscopy – Color

Honorable Mention: Optical micrograph of Cu oxides and salts under polarized light illumination

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