Numerical Modeling

Numerical modeling offers an efficient and powerful tool that allows us to simulate the main physical processes that take place in the various stages of the metallurgical industry such as

  1. Heat transfer
  2. Solidification
  3. Material stresses and strains
  4. Metallurgical transformations

The ELKEME Numerical Modeling Department has more than 10 years experience in the numerical research of various aspects of industrial processes such as

  1. Slab preheating
  2. DC casting (slab, billet)
  3. CC casting (sheet)
  4. Coil/pipe annealing
  5. Coating drying/curing
  6. Induction heating
  7. Extrusion

We are currently operating the ANSYS/FLUENT 16.1 Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software in the framework of the ANSYS Workbench Platform, and we are investigating possible future multiphysics extensions (stress analysis, electromagnetics, microphysics, etc.)

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