Process & Physical Metallurgy and Forming

The Process Metallurgy Department studies the physicochemical phenomena that occur during the metallurgical processes of roasting, sintering, smelting, melting, refining & alloying, casting, solidification and thermal treatments.

The Physical Metallurgy & Forming Department studies the microstructure-properties relationship and phase transformations of metal alloys during their forming processes of rolling, extrusion, drawing, welding.

Theoretical investigations, laboratory trials, as well as design and monitoring of industrial campaigns are performed in close cooperation with our customers.

The Department is equipped with:

  • Two annealing furnaces: (i) with air circulation of uniform temperature distribution, max. operating temp. 850 oC  and dimensions of the furnace chamber 350x500x350mm, (ii) electric resistance furnace with max. operating temp. 1280 oC  and dimensions of the furnace chamber: 350x500x250mm. Temperature adjustment and control in both furnaces is achieved by a microprocessor, allowing simulation of temperature patterns in commercial plant processing or in service.
  • Dual induction furnace (with two separate crucibles), high frequency type (3000Hz), 50kW. Furnace melting capacity of each is 30kg aluminum or 80kg copper or 75kg iron.
  • Rotating pelletizing disk of 0,6 m2 diameter equipped with rheostat for the adjustment of the rotation speed for the pelletization of granulated materials.
  • Sinter pot of 0,16m2 surface connected with air pump for adequate vacuum formation for the sintering of granulated materials micropellets.
  • MS-RaLAn (Metal-Slag Rapid Laser Analysis) Prototype System was developed for the fast chemical analysis of solidified metal and slag samples. Application in other types of samples (ceramics, polymers, ores etc) is also being developed.


El. Resistance Heat Treating furnaceProgrammable heating up to 850oC with air circulation.
Useful volume 350x500x350mm
Heat treatment and melting of inorganic materials & metals.
El. Resistance Heat Treating furnaceProgrammable Heating in air up to 1280oC. Useful volume 350x500x250mmHeat treatment and melting of inorganic materials & metals.
Dual Induction furnace (with two separate crucibles)High frequency (3000Hz) induction melting 50KW. Two pots, each one capable of melting ~30kg Al, or ~80kg Cu, or ~75kg Fe
Rotating pelletizing disk 0,6m diameter. Adjustable rotation speed.Pelletization of granulated materials
Sinter pot0,16m2 surface. Connection with air pump for adequate vacuum formation.Sintering of granulated materials micropellets

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