Environmental & Corrosion


The Environmental Department, performs:

  • Hazardousness/risk assessments of liquid and solid wastes
  • Solidification/stabilization studies of hazardous wastes for safe and cost efficient disposal
  • Study/development of processes for the recycling of solid-wastes/by–products targeting to their use as raw materials in the manufacturing of new added value products and/or to the exploitation of their energy content
  • Study/development of processes for metals recovery from industrial wastes/by–products (dusts, slags etc) from the mining & metallurgical industry
  • Monitoring of National and European Environmental Legislation and preparation of tutorials regarding the interpretation & implementation by the industry of high impact complex legislations (i.e. REACH, CLP)
  • Environmental consultancy in mining & metallurgical industries


The Corrosion Department performs comparative corrosion resistance studies of bare metals and their various surface treatments including cleaning and chemical, electro-chemical or polymer-based coatings by exposure in various environments using the below equipment and methods:

  • Salt spray chamber VSC/KWT 1000 for the simulation of accelerated corrosion conditions. Tests according to ASTM B117, ISO 9227 are possible.
  • Climatic chamber VC4034, which allows the study of the materials behavior in a wide range of temperature and humidity conditions, while special cyclic tests can be performed through computer programming.


Vötsch Industrietechnik: Salt Spray chamber VSC/KWT 10001650x570x740mm chamber. Including heated compressed air humidifier and water level control. Tests according to ASTM B117, ISO 9227 are possible
Vötsch Industrietechnik: Climatic test chamber VC 4034335lt capacity, -40oC to +180oC temperature rangeSimulated Climatic (environmental) conditions, for corrosion studies

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