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TITLE: Fatigue failure analysis of roll steel pins from a chain assembly: Fracture mechanism and numerical modeling, Engineering Failure Analysis, 101 (2019), 320–328
AUTHOR: Sofia Papadopoulou, Ioannis Pressas, Athanasios Vazdirvanidis, George Pantazopoulos
DATE: 03/04/2019
TITLE: Fatigue failure analysis of a Ø14 B500C steel rebar: Metallurgical evaluation and numerical simulation, Engineering Failure Analysis, 101 (2019), 180-192
AUTHOR: George Pantazopoulos, Ioannis Pressas, Athanasios Vazdirvanidis
DATE: 28/03/2019
TITLE: Investigation of the Aging Behavior of a Cu–Ni–Si Rolled Alloy, Metallography, Microstructure, and Analysis (2019) 8:167–181
AUTHOR: Paul Stavroulakis, Anagnostis Toulfatzis, Athanasios Vazdirvanidis, George Pantazopoulos, Spyros Papaefthymiou
DATE: 28/03/2019
TITLE: Effect of Ultra-Fast Heat Treatment on the Subsequent Formation of Mixed Martensitic/Bainitic Microstructure with Carbides in a CrMo Medium Carbon Steel, Metals 2019, 9, 312; doi: 10.3390/met9030312
AUTHOR: Spyros Papaefthymiou, Alexandros Banis, Marianthi Bouzouni, Roumen H. Petrov
DATE: 10/03/2019
TITLE: Prediction of pipeline collapse due to hydrostatic pressure, International Journal of Structural Integrity (2019), Vol. 10 Issue: 1, pp.55-66, doi: 10.1108/IJSI-06-2018-0033
AUTHOR: Nikolaos Athanasopoulos, Evangelos Gavalas, Spyros Papaefthymiou
DATE: 08/02/2019
TITLE: A Short Review on Fracture Mechanisms of Mechanical Components Operated under Industrial Process Conditions: Fractographic Analysis and Selected Prevention Strategies, Metals 2019, 9, 148; doi:10.3390/met9020148
AUTHOR: George A. Pantazopoulos
DATE: 29/01/2019
TITLE: Ultrafast Heating and Initial Microstructure Effect on Phase Transformation Evolution of a CrMo Steel, Metals 2019, 9, 72; doi: 10.3390/met9010072
AUTHOR: Spyros Papaefthymiou, Vassilios Karamitros and Marianthi Bouzouni
DATE: 12/01/2019
TITLE: A Comprehensive CFD Model for Dual-Phase Brass Indirect Extrusion Based on Constitutive Laws: Assessment of Hot-Zone Formation and Failure Prognosis, Metals 2018, 8, 1043; doi:10.3390/met8121043
AUTHOR: George Pashos, George A. Pantazopoulos, Ioannis Contopoulos
DATE: 08/12/2018
TITLE: Modeling of Crucial Process Parameters for the Continuous Improvement of Special Steels at the Stomana Plant, S. J. of Materi Eng and Perform (2018). https://doi.org/10.1007/s11665-018-3616-z
AUTHOR: P. Sismanis , M. Bouzouni, and S. Papaefthymiou
DATE: 29/08/2018
TITLE: Study of Carbide Dissolution and Austenite Formation during Ultra-Fast Heating in Medium Carbon Chromium Molybdenum Steel, Metals 2018, 8, 646; doi:10.3390/met8080646
AUTHOR: Spyros Papaefthymiou , Marianthi Bouzouni and Roumen H. Petrov
DATE: 16/08/2018
TITLE: Hydrogen Induced Crack Development in Submerged Arc Welded Steel Pipes, MATEC Web of Conferences 188, 04010 (2018) https://doi.org/10.1051/matecconf/201818804010
AUTHOR: Marianthi Bouzouni, Evangelos Gavalas, Filippos Chatzigeorgiou, Spyros Papaefthymiou
DATE: 07/08/2018
TITLE: Final Heat Treatment as a Possible Solution for the Improvement of Machinability of Pb-Free Brass Alloys, Metals 2018, 8, 575; doi:10.3390/met8080575
AUTHOR: Anagnostis I. Toulfatzis, George A. Pantazopoulos, Constantine N. David, Dimitrios S. Sagris and Alkiviadis S. Paipetis
DATE: 25/07/2018
TITLE: Mesh sensitivity analysis on implicit and explicit method for rolling simulation, International Journal of Structural Integrity, Vol. 9 Issue: 4, pp.465-474, https://doi.org/10.1108/IJSI-07-2017-0046
AUTHOR: Evangelos Gavalas, Ioannis Pressas, Spyros Papaefthymiou
DATE: 24/07/2018
TITLE: Theoretical Study of Particle Dissolution during Homogenization in Cu–Fe–P Alloy, Metals 2018, 8, 455; doi:10.3390/met8060455
AUTHOR: Spyros Papaefthymiou, Marianthi Bouzouni and Evangelos Gavalas
DATE: 14/06/2018
TITLE: Fracture mechanics properties and failure mechanisms of environmental-friendly brass alloys under impact, cyclic and monotonic loading conditions, Engineering Failure Analysis, 2018, Vol. 90, pp. 497-517
AUTHOR: Anagnostis I. Toulfatzis, George A. Pantazopoulos, Alkiviadis S. Paipetis
DATE: 26/04/2018
TITLE: Machinability of Eco-Friendly Lead-Free Brass Alloys: Cutting-Force and Surface-Roughness Optimization, Metals 2018, 8, 250; doi:10.3390/met8040250
AUTHOR: Anagnostis I. Toulfatzis, George A. Pantazopoulos , Constantine N. David, Dimitrios S. Sagris and Alkiviadis S. Paipetis
DATE: 08/04/2018
TITLE: Corrosion investigation of stainless steel water pump Components, Engineering Failure Analysis, 2017, Vol. 82, pp. 466–473
AUTHOR: A. Vazdirvanidis, G. Pantazopoulos, A. Rikos
DATE: 20/10/2017
TITLE: The Effect of Heating Rate on the Microstructure of a Soft-Annealed Medium Carbon Steel, Steel Research International, 2017, Vol. 87 No. 9999, pp. 1-9 (1700158)
AUTHOR: Spyros Papaefthymiou, Constantinos Goulas, Felipe Manuel Castro Cerda, Nico Geerlofs, and Roumen Petrov
DATE: 01/10/2017
TITLE: Knowledge Networks: A Key Driver for Technological Advancement and Social Progress, Editorial, J. Failure Analysis and Prevention, 2017, Vol. 17 (5), pp. 823-824.
AUTHOR: George A. Pantazopoulos
DATE: 25/09/2017
TITLE: Fracture analysis and embrittlement phenomena of machined brass components, Procedia Structural Integrity, 2017 Vol. 5, pp. 476-483.
AUTHOR: George Pantazopoulos, Athanasios Vazdirvanidis
DATE: 06/09/2017
TITLE: Metallographic Study of Great Anthony Historical Bronze Bells of Apostle Andrew Skete in Mount Athos, Greece, Metallography, Microstructure, and Analysis, Vol. 6(4) (2017), pp. 340-351.
AUTHOR: Athanasios Vazdirvanidis, George Pantazopoulos
DATE: 05/07/2017
TITLE: Failure and Fracture Analysis of a Zn-Alloy Casting, Journal of Failure Analysis and Prevention, 2017 Vol. 17 (3), pp. 400-406.
AUTHOR: George A. Pantazopoulos
DATE: 07/06/2017
TITLE: A New Opportunity for the Design of Advanced High Strength Steels with Heterogeneous-Phase Microstructures via Rapid Thermal Processing. Journal of Nanoscience with Advanced Technology (2017) Vol. 2(1), pp. 20-23.
AUTHOR: S. Papaefthymiou
DATE: 07/03/2017
TITLE: Modeling of the Steel Microstructure Gained after the Application of an Ultra-Fast Heat Treatment, Journal of Nanoscience with Advanced Technology (2017) Vol.2 (1), pp.15-19.
AUTHOR: M. Bouzouni, S. Papaefthymiou
DATE: 03/03/2017
TITLE: Fatigue Fracture of a High-Resistance Structural Steel Component Destined to Sustain Severe Loads Under Service Conditions, J. Failure Analysis and Prevention, Vol. 17(1) (2017) pp. 79-85.
AUTHOR: S. Papaefthymiou, A. Vazdirvanidis, G. Pantazopoulos, C. Goulas
DATE: 09/01/2017
TITLE: Microstructure and properties of lead-free brasses using post-processing heat treatment cycles, Materials Science and Technology, Vol. 32(17) (2016) pp. 1771-1781
AUTHOR: A.I. Toulfatzis, G.A. Pantazopoulos, A.S. Paipetis
DATE: 12/12/2016
TITLE: Failure analysis of an aluminum extrusion aircraft wing component, International Journal of Structural Integrity, Vol. 7(6) (2016) pp. 748-761
AUTHOR: Konstantinos Stamoulis, Dimitrios Panagiotopoulos, George Pantazopoulos, Spyros Papaefthymiou
DATE: 28/11/2016
TITLE: Fundamental Aspects of Rolled Zn Alloy Sheet Formability: Structure-Property and Failure Mode Relationships, Materials Science Forum, Vol. 879 (2017), pp. 1443-1448
AUTHOR: G. Pantazopoulos, A. Toulfatzis, A. Vazdirvanidis, A. Rikos
DATE: 03/11/2016
TITLE: Typical defects in plate and long steel products, International Journal of Structural Integrity, Vol. 7 (5) (2016), pp 645-655
AUTHOR: Spyros Papaefthymiou, Theofani Tzevelekou, Alexandros Antonopoulos and Antonios Gypakis
DATE: 13/10/2016
TITLE: Investigation of cold water pitting corrosion failure of deoxidized high phosphorus (DHP) copper tube: A case study, International Journal of Structural Integrity, Vol. 7 (5) (2016), pp 599-606
AUTHOR: George Pantazopoulos, Athanasios Vazdirvanidis, Andreas Rikos and Dionysios Skarmoutsos
DATE: 06/10/2016
TITLE: Effect of Natural Aging of 6xxx Series Extrusions on the Energy Absorbance Capacity, Materials Science Forum, Vol. 877 (2017), pp 315-321
AUTHOR: Athanasios Vazdirvanidis, George Pantazopoulos, Anagnostis Toulfatzis, Andreas Rikos and Dimitrios Manolakos
DATE: 03/10/2016
TITLE: "Machinability evaluation and screening of leaded and lead-free brasses using a non-linear robust multifactorial profiler", International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Vol. 86, Issue 9, Oct 2016, p. 3241–3254.
AUTHOR: Anagnostis I. Toulfatzis, George A. Pantazopoulos, George J. Besseris, Alkiviadis S. Paipetis
DATE: 23/09/2016
TITLE: “Analysis of the degradation process of structural steel component subjected to prolonged thermal exposure”, Metallography, Microstructure, and Analysis, Vol. 5(2), 2016, p. 149-156.
AUTHOR: G. Pantazopoulos, A. Toulfatzis, A. Vazdirvanidis, A. Rikos
DATE: 16/04/2016
TITLE: "Failure and Fracture Analysis of Austenitic Stainless Steel Marine Propeller Shaft", J. Failure Analysis and Prevention, Vol. 15 (2015), 762-767
AUTHOR: G. Pantazopoulos, S. Papaefthymiou
DATE: 17/12/2015
TITLE: "Progressive Failures of Components in Chemical Process Industry: Case History Investigation and Root-Cause Analysis", In Handbook of Materials Failure Analysis with Case Studies from Chemicals, Concrete and Power Industries, Edited by Abdel Salam Hamdy Makhluf and Mahmood Aliofkhazraei, BH-Elsevier 2016, 1-23
AUTHOR: George A. Pantazopoulos, Pandora P. Psyllaki
DATE: 16/10/2015
TITLE: “An Overview on the Tribological Behaviour of Nitro-Carburised Steels for Various Industrial Applications”, Tribology in Industry, 37, No. 3, 2015, 299-308.
AUTHOR: G. Pantazopoulos, P. Psyllaki
DATE: 17/09/2015
TITLE: “Investigation of power failure of a heating device operated in a Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC)”, Engineering Failure Analysis, Vol. 55 (2015), 360-369.
AUTHOR: E. Spiropoulou, J. Brown, G. Pantazopoulos, D. Voulgaris
DATE: 21/07/2015
TITLE: “Wear and degradation mechanisms in selected vehicle tribosystems”, Tribology in Industry, Vol. 37, No. 1 (2015), 72-80.
AUTHOR: G. Pantazopoulos, A. Tsolakis, P. Psyllaki, A. Vazdirvanidis
DATE: 16/03/2015
TITLE: “Accelerated Carbide Tool Wear Failure during Machining of Hot Work Hardened Tool Steel: A Case Study”, Int. J. Structural Integrity, 2015, Vol. 6(2), 290-299.
AUTHOR: G. Pantazopoulos, A. Toulfatzis, A. Vazdirvanidis, A. Rikos
DATE: 02/03/2015
TITLE: “Bending fatigue failure of a helical bevel pinion gear”, J. Failure Analysis and Prevention, Vol. 15(2), 2015, p. 219-226.
AUTHOR: G. A. Pantazopoulos
DATE: 24/02/2015
TITLE: “Micro-friction stir welding of Titan Zinc Sheets”, J. Materials Processing Technology, Vol. 216, 2015, 133-139.
AUTHOR: S. Papaefthymiou, K. Goulas, E. Gavalas
DATE: 06/09/2014
TITLE: “Fracture behaviour and characterization of lead-free brass alloys for machining applications”, J. Materials Engineering and Performance, Vol. 23 (9), 2014, p. 3193-3206.
AUTHOR: A.I. Toulfatzis, G.A. Pantazopoulos, A.S. Paipetis
DATE: 18/06/2014
TITLE: "Investigation to Increase the Metallurgical Yield of LARCO’s Electro Reduction Furnaces", ERZMETALL WORLD OF METALLURGY 3/2014, 166-171.
AUTHOR: Alexandros A. Antonopoulos, Ioannis G.Kontopoulos, Dimitra D.Papamantellou
DATE: 07/03/2014
TITLE: “Identification of corrosion and damage mechanisms by using Scanning Electron Microscopy and Energy Dispersive X-ray Microanalysis: Contribution to Failure Analysis Case Histories”, IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering 55 (2014) 012015.
AUTHOR: G. Pantazopoulos, A. Vazdirvanidis
DATE: 05/03/2014
TITLE: “Analysis of abnormal fatigue failure of forklift forks”, Case Studies in Engineering Failure Analysis, Vol. 2 (1), 2014, p. 9-14.
AUTHOR: G. Pantazopoulos, A. Vazdirvanidis, A. Rikos, A. Toulfatzis
DATE: 28/12/2013
TITLE: “Degradation of stainless steel grids in chemically aggressive environment”, Engineering Failure Analysis, Vol. 35, 2013, p. 418-426.
AUTHOR: P.P. Psyllaki, G. Pantazopoulos and A. Pistoli
DATE: 15/12/2013
TITLE: “Failure Investigation of Cold Rolled ZnTiCu Alloy Fracture during Bending under ambient temperature conditions”, J. Failure Analysis and Prevention, Vol. 13 (6), 2013, p. 757-764.
AUTHOR: G. Pantazopoulos, A. Vazdirvanidis, A. Rikos A. Toulfatzis
DATE: 01/12/2013
TITLE: “Hot-water corrosion failure of a hard drawn copper tube”, Engineering Failure Analysis, Vol. 33 2013, p. 176-183.
AUTHOR: T. Tzevelekou, A. Flampouri, A. Rikos, A. Vazdirvanidis, G. Pantazopoulos and D. Skarmoutsos
DATE: 01/10/2013
TITLE: “Failure analysis of copper tube in an industrial refrigeration unit: a case history”, Int. J. Structural Integrity, Vol. 4(1), 2013, p. 55-66.
AUTHOR: G. Pantazopoulos, S. Zormalia, A. Vazdirvanidis
DATE: 01/02/2013
TITLE: Determination of defects on a processed disc from S355J2 steel
AUTHOR: Theofani V. Tzevelekou, S. Papaefthymiou, V. Panteleakou, A. Vazdirvanidis, D.C. Papamantellos, P. Sismanis
DATE: 28/06/2013

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