Kimon Daniilidis

Dipl. Mechanical Engineer (University of Karlsruhe).

Has attended several courses focusing in Business Administration & Management at renowned schools.

Twenty five (25) years of experience in Management, primarily in the aviation sector, as well as in Project Management and Companies Reengineering.

Since 2004, Member of  BoD of the European Business Aviation Association and the Dassault Aviation Operators Advisory Board, while he served for several  years as Chairman of the Hellenic Air Carriers Association and Board Member at the Hellenic Slot Coordination Committee.

Dr. Georgios A. Pantazopoulos

(Chemical Engineer NTUA with a specialization in Materials, 1992) received his Ph.D from Mechanical Engineering Department of NTUA, Manufacturing Technology Division in 1999. He has expertise in Materials Processing, Failure Analysis and Quality Assurance. His main research responsibilities are in Metals Manufacturing Technology, Materials Properties, Mechanical Testing, Failure Analysis and Prevention, Machinability and Tribology. He is presently ELKEME’s assistant director and Quality Assurance Manager.

Dr. Fani Tzevelekou

Chemical Engineer (UPATRAS, 2000), holding MSc. in Materials Science & Technology, (UPATRAS, 2002) and Dr. -Chem. Eng. title (UPATRAS, 2004). Her main areas of expertise are: physicochemical phenomena of high temperature thermochemical processes (roasting, sintering, (s)melting, casting); treatment of solid wastes/byproducts of mining, metallurgical, power generation industries for their stabilization and/or production of new materials; corrosion resistance studies of materials.

Dr.-Ing. Spyros A. Papaefthymiou

(Metallurgical Eng., NTUA, Greece, 2000, Dr.-Ing. RWTH Aachen, Germany, 2005, elected Lecturer of NTUA, 2011) is expert in Physical Metallurgy & Metal Forming focused on Steel. His work is related to Alloy Design, Microstructure-Properties-Relationship, Welding and Joining, Fracture-Failure analysis and Fatigue. He is treasurer of the Hellenic Metallurgical Society (2010), selected member of the “Verein zur Förderung der Aachener Eisenhüttenkunde e.V. – VAEh” (2010) and elected member of the Materials committee of the Technical Chamber of Greece (2009).

Dr. Athanasios Vazdirvanidis

Mining and Metallurgical Engineer (NTUA, 1999; MSc Civil Engineering NTUA, 2001, PhD Mechanical Engineering, NTUA, 2016). He is a senior research project leader and head of Metallography and Electron Optics. His expertise is in physical metallurgy, metallographic examination, failure analysis and electron backscatter diffraction.

Dr. Dimitrios Voulgaris

(Chemist, UofPatras, Greece, 1994, Ph.D Chem. Eng. Dept. UofPatras, Greece, 2000) has expertise in polymers characterization and properties. His work is related to organic coatings of metals, metal–polymer composite materials, polymer sheathed conductor cables and support customers in product development and problem solving.

Kostas Pantazis

Chemist (AUTH, 1995). He is a a senior chemistry research project leader and the leader of Analytical Chemistry section. His main areas of expertise include chemical analyses of liquid and solid samples (QC, R&D).



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