Efficient Solutions

by your Innovative and Reliable
Technology and Strategy Partner

We are Technological and Strategic Partners

with our clients contributing to the improvement
of their capabilities and competitiveness

Efficient Solutions

with our clients contributing to the improvement
of their capabilities and competitiveness

We are Technological and Strategic Partners

with our clients contributing to the improvement
of their capabilities and competitiveness
  • Product & Process Development

    The development of new and the optimization of current high added value products together with the implementation of efficient production processes...

  • Materials Characterization
    & Testing

    The expertise of our scientific personnel in the high-end analysis and characterization of metals, solid non-metallic materials and organic/inorganic compounds, liquids...

  • Failure & Root Cause

    Failure analysis of a wide range of semi-finished and final metallic products is carried out. Root Cause Analysis is the next step of the problem solving process...

  • Technical Consultancy & Scientific Support

    In the fields of Process and Physical Metallurgy & Forming, Failure Analysis, Materials Characterization, Manufacturing Systems & Automation, Sustainability...


We are the Hellenic Research Centre for Metals

Our activities are mainly focused on applied technological research towards:Development of new, innovative and high added value products as well as quality improvement of existing.Optimization of industrial processes, to support energy and cost efficient operations but always with respect to human health and safety as well as the environment.Continuous research in plant environmental performance and impact assessment, as well as in sectors such as recycling, stabilization and utilization of by-products towards companies’ sustainable growth.


Through smart use of our resources, innovation encouragement and effective exercise of our competencies to provide efficient, robust and high added value solutions and suggestions and excellent service to our customers so that they may develop new and optimize existing products and industrial processes, enhance the environmental performance and support sustainable growth.


To become an R&D center that has achieved 100% competence, top scientific performance and very high degree of innovation in the fields is now or become active in the future and be able to respond fast to market trends of the metal sectors as well as a very valuable knowledge hub and new ideas incubator.

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At Industify Company, we rely on honesty, discipline and hard work and believe our success can be attributed to upholding a simple set of core values that date back to the beginning of the company.Industify is an integrated design-build firm offering engineering, architecture and construction services to domestic and international customers throughout the U.S. Unique to Industify is the fact that we conduct all disciplines in-house in a collaborative environment.

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Hiday Motors needed to build a brand new 28,000 sf facility that would both meet our needs and comply with GMs standards - which seemed daunting, to say the least. Industify alleviated all of our concerns and communicated with us every step of the way. We have received dozens of compliments from our customers, and our employees love the new store!

Steve Lehman

CEO of Hiday Motors.

Our latest Case Studies

ELKEME has been successfully involved in innovative and cutting-edge research, providing valuable insight worldwide as a regular contributor to highly ranked international conferences and scientific journals and hence promoting the reinforcement of the research vision and expertise. The abstracts of selected Case Studies together with relevant citation details are found in this section.

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