A Short Review on Fracture Mechanisms of Mechanical Components

A Short Review on Fracture Mechanisms of Mechanical Components Operated under Industrial Process Conditions: Fractographic Analysis and Selected Prevention Strategies, Metals 2019, 9, 148; doi:10.3390/met9020148
George A. Pantazopoulos
An insight of the dominant fracture mechanisms occurring in mechanical metallic components during industrial service conditions is offered through this short overview. Emphasis is given on the phenomenological aspects of fracture and their relationships with the emergent fracture mode(s) with respect to the prevailed operating parameters and loading conditions. This presentation is basically fulfilled by embracing and reviewing industrial case histories addressed from a technical expert viewpoint. The referenced case histories reflected mainly the author’s team expertise in failure analysis investigation. As a secondary perspective of the current study, selected failure investigation and prevention methodological approaches are briefly summarized and discussed, aiming to provide a holistic overview of the specific frameworks and systems in place, which could assist the organization of risk minimization and quality enhancement.
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