Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire

We would much appreciate if you could complete and return to us this questionnaire. Your opinion is both valuable and essential in our effort for continuous improvement of our services.

Please remain assured that your feedback and any other information provided will be treated strictly confidential and for the purpose of the survey only.


    Ease of communication

    Ease of access to technical experts

    Ease of getting through to the right person


    Presentation skills

    Information on work progress

    Quality of documentation

    Completeness and clarity of reports

    Scientific Competence

    Understanding of requirements

    Expertise / Technical excellence

    Problem solving ability

    Suitability of our equipment for your requirements

    Ability to meet your technical need

    Administration Processes / Delivery

    Speed of response to your initial enquiry

    Response time to requests and to clarifications

    Turnaround /Lead time of your project from order to delivery

    Completion of the service on time

    Services delivered acc. to order requirements

    Quality and clarity of offer

    Complaint resolution

    Staff Attitude

    Willingness to help/assist



    General Satisfaction


    In evaluating your overall service experience what was the quality of service you received

    Additional Info

    Approximately how many times a year do you/your department request a service from ELKEME

    What services do you usually request

    Please make any comments or suggestions:

    Please, indicate your name and your position in your company

    Company name






    Thank you for completing this questionnaire and your feedback.

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