ELKEME participating in Research Project funded by the Greek State

By siteadmin — In News — April 11, 2014




The Research Project “Coproduction Development of special quality Rockwool and low nickel FeNi through feeding of Aluminum skimmings ALUFLUX” (Ref. 914-BET-2013), was approved by the General Secretariat of Research and Development to be funded, in the frames of PAVET 2013 (ESPA 2007-2013).

Project Partners: ELKEME S.A. (acting also as coordinator) and FIBRAN S.A.


  • Laboratory of Applied Mineralogy, Section of Earth Raw Materials,  University of Patras
  • Institut für Toxikologie und Experimentelle Medizin, Hannover, Fraunhofer – Gesellschaft

Scientific Coordinator: Dr. Theofani Tzevelekou, Head of the Department of Steelmaking, Environment & Corrosion of ELKEME S.A.

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