Guest Editor for Metals Special Issue entitled “Failure Mechanisms in Alloys”

By siteadmin — In News — March 29, 2018




Dr. George Pantazopoulos is invited and will serve as Guest Editor for Special Issue entitled “Failure Mechanisms in Alloys” which is going to be published by the International Journal Metals – an Open Access Journal of Metallurgy from MDPI.

In the frame of this Special Issue (“Failure Mechanisms in Alloys”), a valuable insight is aimed to be offered, covering critical subject-areas in the field of metals and metallic component degradation processes. Indicative topics including in this thematic area, are the following:

  • Microstructural-induced degradation and embrittlement
  • Analysis and mechanics of fracture
  • Damage evolution at nano- and microstructural level
  • Environmentally-induced degradation processes, corrosion, wear and combined mechanisms
  • Progressive mechanical failures, creep and fatigue
  • Texture and morphology of fracture
  • Modeling and simulation of degradation processes
  • Failures in new and modern manufacturing processes, e.g. in additive manufacturing and severe plastic deformation
  • Novel and modern analysis techniques for failure investigation
  • Failure prevention strategies pertaining to microstructure or surface modification

Deadline for manuscript submissions: 10 March 2019

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