Investigation of technologies & procedures for metal oxidation – Electrolytic Etching

By elkeme — In News — December 8, 2021




HALCOR requested ELKEME SA scientific and advisory consultation and support of the Department of Engraving of the Athens School of Fine Arts. The work was carried out in the frame of HALCOR’s social and cultural actions. Following interactions with the members of the ASFA, the subject of interest was defined as the investigation of technologies and procedures for the oxidation of metals and specifically of Copper, especially for alternative, environmentally friendly and sustainable technologies and methodologies.

Analytical work and proposals were reported by Dr. Ioannis Daniilidis (Department of Surface Science and Coatings – ELKEME) for the optimization of the current methodology at ASFA for metal etching (oxidation) through dipping process. Furthermore, the implementation of novel electrolytic oxidation technologies and methods were proposed and analytically presented. The study performed was presented in a report to the staff of ASFA, leading to an invitation to a lecture at the department of Engraving of ASFA (08/12/2021) and broadcasted through teleconference to the respective university schools of Fine Arts of Thessaloniki, Ioannina and Florina; the work presented will be part of the educational curriculum of ASFA.

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