• Analytical Chemistry

    The Analytical Chemistry Department supports chemical analyses of solid and liquid samples, for Quality Control and R&D purposes. Our laboratory services include the

  • Corrosion

    The Corrosion Department performs testing and evaluation of the corrosion performance of functional surfaces to support the clients in new developments, current

  • Hydrometallurgy

    The Hydrometallurgy department focuses on the utilization of aqueous solutions for the recovery of valuable metals from ores, concentrates and recycled or

  • Metallography and Electron Optics

    The Department of Metallography and Electron Optics includes the latest technology equipment necessary for samples preparation, metallographic and electron microscopic examination, phases

  • Numerical Modeling

    The numerical modeling department tackles the complexity of industrial processes, with state-of-the-art models that incorporate: Transport phenomena (CFD/Heat & mass transfer)Phase-change physics

  • Process Metallurgy

    The Process Metallurgy Department studies the physicochemical phenomena that occur during the metallurgical processes of roasting, sintering, smelting, melting, refining & alloying,

  • Physical Metallurgy & Forming

    The Physical Metallurgy & Forming Department deals with microstructure-properties relationships, microstructure evolution and phase transformations of metal alloys. Alloy design, melting &

  • Surface Science & Coatings

    The SSC department performs research on surfaces, coatings, thin films and substrates; the goal is to support product and process development for

  • Sustainability

    The Sustainability Department performs research projects and technical consultancy in the domain of sustainable development considering environmental, social and economic dimensions. The activities

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