Physical Metallurgy & Forming

The Physical Metallurgy & Forming Department deals with microstructure-properties relationships, microstructure evolution and phase transformations of metal alloys. Alloy design, melting & casting considerations and the processing design (from solidification to thermo-mechanical treatment) is in focus. Scientific and engineering monitoring, development and optimization of traditional forming processes (i.e. hot and cold rolling, extrusion, drawing) including welding & joining with respect to the most appropriate material needs, is performed. Theoretical investigations, laboratory trials, planning and monitoring of industrial campaigns support these activities Following an Integrated Computational Materials Engineering approach, development of materials & processes is continuously optimized. An example of technological advancement is the development of rapid thermal processes and their effect in both microstructure and properties. An Ultra Fast Induction Processing Furnace (UFIP) has been successfully developed and installed at ELKEME S.A.’s premises.


El. Resistance Heat Treating furnace – NaberthermProgrammable heating up to 850oC with air circulation.
Useful volume 350x500x350mm
Heat treatment and melting of inorganic materials & metals.
El. Resistance Heat Treating furnace – NaberthermProgrammable Heating in air up to 1280oC. Useful volume 350x500x250mmHeat treatment and melting of inorganic materials & metals.
Dual Induction furnace (with two separate crucibles) – InductothermHigh frequency (3000Hz) induction melting 50KW.Two pots, each one capable of melting ~30kg Al, or ~80kg Cu, or ~75kg Fe
Induction Heat Treating Furnace – DanieliInduction heating 250 KW with cylindrical useful space of D: 50 mm, L: 700 mm. Heat treatments with high heating rates in steel bars, tubes and wires
Pilot scale cold rolling mill – Demag (retrofitted/modernized by Presezzi Extrusion)Cold rolling of plates or coils using water/oil emulsion.
Coil to coil mode can use Automatic Gauge Control and front/back tension.
Reheating furnace under construction to enable hot rolling process.
Coil inner diameter: 500 mm
Coil max outer diameter: 1200 mm
Max. width: 300 mm
Min. width: 100 mm
Max thickness: 50 mm  (as a hot mill) / 4 mm (as a cold mill)
Minimum thickness: 0.100 mm  (theoretical)
Max Force: 185 tn
Max. coiler tension: 1460 kg
Flat rolling of metallic plates and strips

Flat rolling of metallic plates and strips

Other Services

  • Analytical Chemistry

    The Analytical Chemistry Department supports chemical analyses of solid and liquid samples, for Quality Control and R&D purposes. Our laboratory services include the following activities: ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accreditation for a wide

  • Corrosion

    The Corrosion Department performs testing and evaluation of the corrosion performance of functional surfaces to support the clients in new developments, current product/process improvements or products quality assurance. The corrosion


ELKEME, Hellenic Research Centre for Metals S.A.
ELKEME was founded in 1999 to support the Hellenic Metallurgical Industry. Through a variety of state-of-the-art laboratories ELKEME focuses on industrial research and technological development/analysis in four major metal sectors: Aluminum, Copper, Steel and Zinc, providing efficient solutions to our customers.

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