Participation in ASST 2023, Saltsjöbaden, Sweden, 21-25 May 2023

By elkeme — In News — May 21, 2023



Panagiota Alexopoulou, Ioannis Daniilidis, Michail Mariglis and Dimitris Voulgaris participated in the 9th Aluminium Surface Science and Technology Symposium in Saltsjöbaden, Sweden. The ASST 2023 encompassed all aspects of aluminum surface science and technology including state-of-the-art surface modification methods, corrosion and protection mechanisms, characterization and modeling, performance evaluation, and industrial development in the field of aerospace, automotive, architecture, electronics, nanotechnology and energy applications, etc. The program focus was on green technology solutions and sustainability issues, as well as emerging techniques such as additive manufacturing, electrification, machine learning, and more. The ASST symposium brought together 140 participants from both academic and industrial organizations from 24 countries. There were six invited plenary lectures given by world-leading academic and industrial experts and around 100 oral presentations.
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