Participation in ECASIA19, Dresden, 15-20 September 2019

By siteadmin — In News — September 20, 2019




Dr. Vasilios Kostas and Mr. Michail Mariglis of the Surface Science & Coatings Department of ELKEME, participated in the 18th ECASIA (European Conference on Applications of Surface and Interface Analysis) which was held in Dresden, Germany during 15-20 September 2019. The ECASIA conferences are organized every two years and this year’s conference was organized by the Institute of Solid State and Materials Research (IFW Dresden) in cooperation with the Technical University Dresden (TUD) and other academic and industrial partners of the region. ECASIA’19 was intended to bring future-relevant topics such as materials science/engineering, modern electronics and life-science/biotechnology more into the focus of the conference. The “spirit of ECASIA” is to bring together scientists from universities, industry and instrument suppliers, to bridge the gap between fundamental and applied research in surface science and to follow new trends in instrumentation. The conference topics covered applications to technological and industrial problems, such as adhesion, biomaterials, catalysis, ceramics, corrosion, environmental and heritage studies, glasses, magnetics, metallurgy, microelectronics, nanomaterials, optoelectronics, polymers, superconductors, thin films, tribology/wear, etc.

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