Participation in EGE 2016, Thessaloniki, 25 – 27 May 2016

By siteadmin — In News — May 28, 2016




The paper with the title “Assessment of the Quality of Metamorphic and Igneous Rocks from Terpni (Serres, North Greece) for their Use as Raw Materials in the Production of Stonewool” authored by P.Lampropoulou, D.Papoulis, E.Metaxa, B.Tsikouras, K. Hatzipanagiotou from  the Geology Dept. of University of Patras and Th. Tzevelekou and A. Karageorgis from ELKEME was presented in the 14th International Conference of the Geological Society of Greece. The chemical and mineralogical composition of metamorphic and igneous rocks of Terpnis’ Serres in N. Greece have been studied and evaluated for use as raw materials in stone wool production. Part of the research was carried out in the frame of the co-funded Research; Project “914-ΒΕΤ-2013”, Development Program for Industrial Research and Technology PAVET 2013, ESPA 2007-2013, European Regional Development Fund ERDF.

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