Participation in EUROCORR 2019, Seville, 09-13 September 2019

By siteadmin — In News — September 13, 2019




Dipl. Eng. Nasia Flampouri of the Corrosion Department and Dr Ioannis L. Daniilidis from the Surface Science & Coatings Department of ELKEME participated in the European Corrosion Congress EUROCORR 2019, which was held in Seville, Spain during 09-13 September 2019. The annual event of the European Federation of Corrosion, is the premier Corrosion Congress in Europe. The conference covered corrosion in many different fields such as Atmospheric Corrosion, Automotive Corrosion, Pretreatments, Organic Coatings, Cathodic Protection, Corrosion and Scale Inhibition, Corrosion by Hot Gases and Combustion Products, Corrosion in Oil and Gas Production, etc.

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