Participation in EUROCORR 2022, Berlin, Germany, 28 August – 1 September 2022

By elkeme — In News — August 28, 2022




Michail Mariglis and Panagiota Alexopoulou participated in the European Corrosion Congress 2022 in Berlin, Germany which is the annual flagship event for corrosion experts and is organized by the European Federation of Corrosion (EFC). This year’s EUROCORR 2022 was organized under the motto: “Corrosion in a Changing World – Energy, Mobility, Digitalization” and attracted over one thousand corrosion experts from all over the world. Panagiota Alexopoulou presented a poster with the title “Corrosion performance of 4xxx aluminium alloy with high scrap content for construction applications” [by P. Alexopoulou1, A. Flampouri1, M. Koklioti1, E. Aivazoglou1, Th. Tzevelekou1, G. Kalkantzis2, G. Ziogas2, A. Mavroudis2, 1ELKEME S.A., 2Elval, Aluminium Rolling Division of ElvalHalcor S.A.]. This presentation summarized the major aspects concerning the corrosion performance of coated 4xxx alloy aluminium sheets produced using 100% scrap for general construction products, contributing to sustainable development without compromising products quality and durability.

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