Participation in the 14th International Conference on Tribology (Serbiatrib’15)

By siteadmin — In News — May 15, 2015




The paper with the title “An Overview on the Tribological Behaviour of Nitro-carburized Steels for various Industrial Applications” authored by Dr. George Pantazopoulos from the Mechanical Testing and Manufacturing Technology Department of ELKEME S.A. and Associate Professor Pandora Psyllaki from Department of Mechanical Engineering of Piraeus University of Applied Sciences, Greece was presented in the 14th International Conference on Tribology (Serbiatrib’15), 13-15 May 2015, Belgrade, Serbia (Proceedings of 14th International Conference on Tribology – Serbiatrib’15, p. 106-115). The paper reviews the long term research work contacted by the authors highlighting the tribological performance of nitrocarburised tool steels for industrial applications. More specifically, the present study elucidates the wear behaviour of various substrates, comprising tool and stainless steel grades after industrial scale nitrocarburising and under various sliding friction experimental conditions. The variation of the evolved wear and damage mechanisms is presented using a holistic and unified approach aiming to obtain a deeper understanding of the tribological behaviour of the investigated materials system.  More information can be reached at

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