Participation in the 15th European Meeting FRPM 2015, 21-25 June 2015, Berlin

By siteadmin — In News — June 25, 2015




The paper with the title “Four Point Bending Test of Aluminum Composite Panels with Fire Retardant and PolyEthylene Cores” authored by Ms. E. Spiropoulou and Dr. D. Voulgaris from the Surface Science and Coatings Department of ELKEME S.A and Dr. G. Pantazopoulos and Mr. A. Toulfatzis from the Mechanical Testing and Manufacturing Technology Department of ELKEME S.A was presented in the poster session of the 15th European Meeting on Fire Retardancy and Protection of Materials (FRPM 2015), 21-25 June 2015, Berlin, Germany. This paper addressed the mechanical behavior and resistance of the composite panels to bending loads in a range of temperature from -70 oC to 80oC. The results collected revealed the relevance of bending strength with the testing temperature and associated to micro-structural changes of the cores.

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