Participation in the 7th Aluminium Surface Science and Technology (ASST2015)

By siteadmin — In News — May 21, 2015




Mr. M. Mariglis of the Surface Science & Coatings Department of ELKEME participated at the latest ASST conference (17-21 May 2015), at Funchal, Portugal. This symposium has become recognized as the unique and key event bringing together scientific, technological and product-related issues, and personnel active in aluminium surface critical products and their innovations. During the meeting, which is held every 3 years, more than 125 papers were presented, relevant with all aspects of aluminium surface characterization, modification, performance and development from applications sectors as diverse as aerospace, automotive, heat exchangers, architectural, electronics, lithography, packaging, nanotechnology and others. This year’s symposium dealt with particular emphasis on the contributions addressing the impact of processes and products on the environment and the development of “green technology” for aluminium.

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