Participation in the ASM IMAT 22 Conference, New Orleans, Louisiana, 12-15 September 2022

By elkeme — In News — September 12, 2022




Dr. George Pantazopoulos presented a poster with the title “Machinability of Limited-Pb Brass Alloys for High Precision Manufacturing” (by G.A. Pantazopoulos and A.I. Toulfatzis) in the frame of ASM IMAT 22 Conference (International Materials, Applications and Technologies), in New Orleans, Louisiana, 12-15 September 2022, co-located with Thermal Spray and Surface Engineering Forum & Expo. This presentation  summarized the major aspects concerning the emergent failure mechanisms and machining quality characteristics of selected brass alloys. ASM IMAT 22 Conference is the premier event for the materials community, gathering together scientists, researchers and engineers from various industrial fields from all over the world. For more information concerning the ASM IMAT 22 Conference, please go to the link:

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