Participation in The Battery Show Europe 2018, Hanover, Germany, 15-17 May 2018

By siteadmin — In News — May 17, 2018




Dr Ioannis Daniilidis, of the ELKEME Surface Science & Coatings department participated in The Battery Show Europe 2018, held in Hannover, Germany from the 15th to the 17th of May 2018.

This international conference draws experts from the academia, the research community and the industry, focusing on the developments of the energy storage systems (ESS) and batteries industry with emphasis on the technologies related to vehicles.

The evolution and concerns regarding the future trends of the battery systems at all component levels, from raw materials to manufacturing and software that controls the energy distribution and efficient management were presented. Special consideration in this conference was the development of the infrastructure of ESS manufacturing in Europe. Furthermore, the concern of recycling was addressed, a topic that will be highlighted in the forthcoming years.

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