PhD Presentation: March 1st 2019, University of Ioannina

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The PhD Dissertation with the title “Characterization, cutting mechanisms and machinability of lead-free brasses” elaborated by Mr. Anagnostis Toulfatzis, was presented in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering of the University of Ioannina (UOI). The presentation was performed on March 1st 2019 in a seven membered committee, consisted of: (a) Prof. Alkiviadis Paipetis (Supervisor, UOI), (b) Assoc. Prof. Nektaria-Marianthi Barkoula (UOI), (c) Prof. Constantine David (TEICM), (d) Prof. Dimitrios Manolakos (NTUA), (e) Prof. Angeliki Lekatou (UOI), (f) Assoc. Prof. Pandora Psyllaki (UWA) and (g) Assist. Prof. Leonidas Gergidis (UOI).

The innovation of the PhD research work was based on the evaluation, development and optimization of the new generation environmental-friendly brass alloys, aiming to improve their machinability behaviour. More specifically, the dissertation was focused on the following areas:

  1. Characterization and optimization of the machining process of the “initial condition” (extruded and drawn) lead-free brass alloys (CW510L, CW511L and C27450), compared to a reference leaded brass alloy (CW614N), employing a multi-non-parametric statistical technique (DOE).
  2. Experimental development of novel production routes to improve the machinability performance of the above lead-free brass alloys, aiming at microstructural modification, by means of final heat treatment cycles.
  3. Study of the fracture resistance properties and machinability for the experimentally developed (heat treated) lead-free brass alloys.
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