The strength of our company lies in the knowledge and competencies of our people. Our team comprises of scientists with a very high level of know-how and expertise. As a continuously evolving competence and excellence center, we promote creativity and innovation, respect each individual personality, recognize contribution and support the continuous development of our employees both within the company and towards the other companies of VIOHALCO Group. We focus on empowering our people to achieve challenging goals while promoting efficiency and fostering a collaborative and mutually supportive environment.

Elkeme team members participate in international scientific/engineering associations and serve as members of worldwide scientific committees and boards. They also regularly contribute to scientific journals and conferences and are invited to offer lectures at Universities and in technical meetings and seminars.

Elkeme regularly cooperates with national and foreign Universities regarding practical training internships and Diploma, Master and PhD theses based on industrial projects with significant technical and economic impact.

We seek qualified and creative partners, who are committed to scientific work, strive for continuous knowledge enhancement, embrace professionalism and are passionate about excellence, while highly value work ethics. If you wish to join the ELKEME scientific team and effectively contribute with your know-how and innovative way of thinking, please send us your CV, here.


Provide high business value to our customers by developing efficient and sustainable solutions to technological and business challenges and by contributing to the improvement of their capabilities and competitiveness.


ELKEME work is focused in industrial research and technological development/analysis.

Research in ELKEME, is performed by 25 competent and high level scientists, researchers and engineers – mainly metallurgists, chemists and chemical engineers- using cutting-edge analytical equipment.


The majority of our R&D efforts focus on solutions for a wide variety of metallurgical, chemical, surface coatings and environmental problems, such as interpretation of as-cast and thermal-mechanically processed microstructures, alloy design and production development, steel, aluminum, copper, brass and zinc products and production processes, metal-faced composite panels, electrical and telecommunication cables, various coatings for metals, recycling and environmental control/engineering.

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